People often ask us what conditions are treated by chiropractic.  The simple answer to that question is that chiropractic doesn’t treat conditions, it treats people.  However, years of experience and studies have shown that by relieving spinal nerve stresses and correcting the body’s structure (skeletal, muscular and neurological) many conditions are relieved.

For example if someone sits for hours a day working on a computer that is not set up properly, so the person has to spend the day looking up and to the side, they may notice that they are starting to have headaches and neck pain.  The solution:  determine which spinal segments have been affected and restore their proper motion and functioning with a chiropractic adjustment.  Following  this  the doctor would address the muscles involved by using a physical therapy modality such as ultrasound or electric muscle stimulation.  In addition there would be a discussion about the proper positioning of the computer screen and keypad.

Or in the case of a person with low back pain the doctor may determine that the problem actually starts with the structure of the feet, which causes their gait to be abnormal resulting in low back pain.  In order to truly correct this problem the chiropractor must literally start from the bottom up and treat the lower extremities in addition to the back.  A foot adjustment, exercises and stretching in addition to a fitting for orthotics may be exactly what the body needs in order to correct the problem.

Every person is different, that is why the history and examination that the doctor does on the first visit is so important.  After the doctor determines the cause of the problem she or he can then develop a treatment plan that is specific for that person.